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As a non-for-profit organisation your main focus is driving impact. But do you know how efficient your results are? Are you getting the most out of your resources to deliver the best outcomes? 

See everything that’s happening in real-time in one place.

Being able to maximise your resources by leveraging technology is the key to success. Seeing everything that’s happening in real-time in one place gives you control of your non-for-profit operations and decision-making. This can help organisations like yours operate on leaner budgets, create greater impact and engagement with limited resources, and to streamline your organisation’s data so you can focus your attention where it’s more valuable.

If your organisation struggling with:

Inaccurate and outdated data within the system

Not being able to predict key information, such as donations 

Unable to segment and maximise your donor-base 

Antares’ Dashboards for Non-For-Profits can help you make sense of your data and connect your people, processes, and technology to accelerate your impact to serve your constituencies and realise your mission.

In this free dashboard you'll get:

  • Free hands-on experience on Power BI visuals 
  • Learn what is possible for non-profits data with reports and insights  
  • Ready to use dashboards for Finance, HR/staff management, Marketing and Donations 

 “If we provide people with the most efficient tools and the most efficient ways to do things, that allows them to spend more time with clients. In the future we want to be able to create smarter applications that help us serve clients better – we can help more by running things efficiently.” 

Words from Peter Smith, CIO Mission Australia - Read on Microsoft page

Antares is committed to delivering the best results to your organisation. We partner with you and we get to know your organisation so we can provide the best bespoke solution. Let Antares show you how to leverage your organisation's years of experience in the market to utilise funds more wisely, letting you focus on what really matters.  

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